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Check out our new CD "Home Again" in the Music Store.  The
title track has been played on radio all over the world in areas
such as South America, Asia, India, Australia, the UK, USA, and
even here in Canada.  Listen to the free samples & let us know
what you think!

A Little About Us:
Nominated for two East Coast Music Awards in the Blues & Soul categories, as well as a
Music Nova Scotia Award nomination for Blues Recording of the year.
The Working Class Band has been making music together for a number of years. Each member
brings great talent and many years of experience  to the stage. Blending elements of Soul, Blues,
R&B and Reggae with an inspiring groove, smooth vocals, soul stirring guitar & colourful keys.
The last album has enjoyed local, regional, and national airplay. The band has been performing
steadily though out the province.  Recent gigs include: Wooden Boat Festival - Lunenburg (July 2014),
NS, Dance Party - Inverness, NS (Aug 2014), Saint John Music Festival, St. John, NB (Aug 2014).  
Working Class has released 5 albums to date: Is This Love (1999) Movin' (2006) Restless (2012)
Live & In The Studio (2013) and Home Again (2014) and our new single "Home Again" is heating
up airwaves around the world!
Press Quotes:
great listening and dance album and Atlantic Seabreeze gives this album very high ratings.
Listeners will love this album. – www.AtlanticSeabreeze.com
Restless…performed by a band that’s as tight as a stopper knot yet loose enough to allow
the individuals room to solo. - David Farrell (www.NewCanadianMusic.ca)
This is exactly the kind of band I would love to discover on a Friday night out. They have
a strong arsenal of instruments and a versatile style. Influences of Reggae, Swing, Soul,
and R&B come through strong. The songs are full of great hooks and slick licks, and their
small horn section really brings a different element. 
- Sean Craib-Petkau (www.yorktonthisweek.com)

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